Steam Sale May Begin Tomorrow (July 11th 2013)

A leaked email from a Steam Support representative that was sent in regards to an accidental Left 4 Dead sale reveals a line of text that states;

“Please know that our Steam Sales are starting on July 11th”

Right now there’s an awful lot of speculation floating around the internet as to whether or not this email is legitimate or not, and we all know Valve can be master trolls when they want to be. Here’s hoping its not – we’ve waited long enough Valve!

That having been said, until Valve makes an official announcement confirming it, treat any and all information regarding the sale as purely speculation.

As a side-note, 2012’s Steam sale did begin on July 12th, so there’s slightly more provenance that it may very well be legitimate.

Also, I’m gonna just jump on the band-wagon and go ahead and say “Steam sale starting tomorrow, Half Life on sale today – Half Life 3 confirmed!”.

… I’m sorry, it had to be done.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, anyway!

On another note, I have another opinion piece that should hopefully be up for everyone tomorrow. Its going to be a little bit more critical and potentially controversial than some of the other things I’ve covered so far as it touches on something I know a lot of people are really excited about – but we’ll see.

Until tomorrow anyway, have fun guys!

– FA.


Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft; Becomes CEO of Zynga

News just released that Don Mattrick, the man famously behind most of the Xbox One’s release coverage, will be leaving Microsoft for none other than massive Facebook gaming tycoon Zynga.

Don Mattrick also saw the release of the Xbox 360 as it became one of the biggest consoles of all time, but has recently come under a lot of fire and scrutiny for all of the supposed limitations of the Xbox One. Despite the fact that Don Mattrick was simply the spokesperson for the much bigger picture, he received much of the flak for some of the “issues” that people did not appreciate in the Xbox One.

It has been announced that upon leaving Microsoft, Don Mattrick will take on a leading role at Zynga instead, the company famous for games such as Zynga Poker and the Farmville series.

While I am quite surprised to see Mattrick leaving Microsoft, particularly because of the success of the 360 under his command, I can completely understand how it must feel to take so much insult due to the Xbox One. Fingers crossed Mattrick finds himself in a better position over at Zynga.

EDIT – Don Mattrick was just announced as CEO of Zynga and a new member of the Board.

[Source: Report: The Man in Charge of Xbox Is Leaving Microsoft]

Azubu Korea Closes It’s Offices

Just heard news that Azubu Korea have stated they will be closing their offices and as such laying off all of their employees as of today (June 28th). They have stated that they will continue to support Team Azubu (StarCraft 2) via its German HQ, although it is currently unclear how much longer other aspects of the company may exist for (streaming, media services, etc.)

While I am not an avid follower of StarCraft, I wish the employees of Azubu Korea the best of luck; it really does suck that the rug has been pulled right out from under their feet with less than 24 hours notice.

– FA.