About Me

My name is Fully Avenged, and I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog.

  • I’ve been a gamer most of my life, and its a topic I thoroughly enjoy discussing.
  • I used to be a massive console gamer, but recently converted to PC. I play anything and everything, although some of my favourites include League of Legends, the Fallout series, and anything Indie.
  • I’m more than willing to blog about most things, within reason.
  • I’m sorta new to this whole blogging thing; go easy on me.
  • I’ve written semi-professionally for a website in the past, submitting reviews and ‘guide-like’ material.
  • Like many people on this site, I thoroughly appreciate any/all discussion and viewings of my blog. I do this for fun on the side, but its always nice when somebody takes an interest.

You can bookmark my blog at any time, or hit follow in the top-left hand corner if you have a WordPress account, to get constant updates from me and my blog.

Alternatively, you may also follow my Twitter, which can be found here. I post all of my new articles on Twitter, give away occasional sneak peeks and advertise great gaming deals on the fly. I also interact directly with you guys on a daily basis, and its the easiest way to directly contact me – I’m happy to chat and will reply to any and all of your tweets! 🙂

– FA.

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