Milestone: First 1,000 Blog Views and 200 Twitter Followers!


This is absolutely mind-blowing for me, somehow, I’ve managed to hit 1,000 blog views and 200 Twitter followers within the same day!

I just thought I’d take a moment to post an article to say thank you to everyone that’s supported me and followed/shared/liked/etc my blog up to this point. To think that two months ago, my blog didn’t even exist, and now I’m here with 1,000 views and just over 200 followers is really quite incredible. I know in comparison to some people, this is just a minor goal, but for me it means that you guys are enjoying what I do, and nothing can really compare to that kind of feeling. All I can say is thank you.

Some statistics:

  • The blog received a total of 200 hits/views in June. This jumped to nearly 800 in July!
  • United Kingdom is my most viewed country of all time, with 595 views. United States comes in second at 227, with Germany taking third at 52.
  • My most views in a day ever is 124 across 24 hours. However, Lenna’s Inception did just shy of that (119) in just 4!
  • Twitter has seen the biggest referrals to my blog, with 213 referrals coming directly through that medium.
  • The blog currently features a total of 21 posts. (22 if you include this one)
  • I have 18 followers on WordPress.
  • Lenna’s Inception has been my most successful article. Despite not even being on my blog for 24 hours as I write this, it has garnered over 75 solo views in that time. My editorial on violence in video games comes second, with 53. My first ever Indie Workshop, my review of 2x0ng, come in 3rd with 52.

So where do we go from here? Well, I have one or two more Indie Workshops planned for the foreseeable future, and some great editorials I think you guys are really going to enjoy. I’m also going to be looking into starting interviews with game developers, where I plan to talk about the games they’re developing and their plans as a company.

I feel all that’s really left to say is thank you again to everyone who helped contribute to this quite frankly amazing milestone. It still blows my mind that 200 people would care about what I do enough to follow my every article, before even considering that five times that amount have viewed my articles. Thank you guys, so much.

Fingers crossed I’ll see you at 2,000.

For now, take care. I’ll see you all soon. I love ya all. ❤

– FA.

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