Updates to the Blog; Twitter and More!

Hey everyone, Fully Avenged here with just a quick update for you today.

Hopefully some of the work I’ve put in to making the website look that tiny bit more fancy might be making itself evident – if you glance over to the right you should see a lovely new Twitter feed staring back at you, this allows you guys to see what I’m up to over on Twitter, with things such as discussions with Indie developers and my general posts regarding updates and sales.

I’ve also added two more features to improve website accessibility and make everything a little easier to get around. Firstly, a Categories drop-down which allows users to filter out articles depending upon what they’re about, and also an Archives section which will allow you to jump between months and see what I’ve posted since the blog began. Right now I’ve only been posting for about two months, but the longer the blog goes on the larger and more beneficial the Archives section will be, so I’m hoping you guys will reap the rewards of it being there.

For the time being these features have been added as a matter of accessibility, and unfortunately my design options are rather impaired by the fact that CSS is a premium-only feature which I can’t quite afford at this time. I hope that the accessibility side of things makes up for the fact I can’t customise them exactly how I’d like, but I will be looking into mediums to improve this in the future.

Hope you enjoy the new features guys, and remember as always, if you want to hear more updates from me and get regular updates on my blogs and articles, you can always follow me over on Twitter.

Until next time!

– FA.

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